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Optic Nectar

We build cross platform for a reason.
Consider us part of your team.
From idea. To launch.
Why nectar? Because it's what the gods drank.


Optic Nectar is a full service app design and development company but we don't stop there. We offer launch analysis, service line agreements and connections throughout the industry to help your app grow to its full potential. All of our work is done in-house and in-country.

Looking for funding? Our consulting team can analyze your business plan and help present it to angel investors and equity firms. Helping to educate our clients is a passion of ours.

From idea, to design, to development, to launch, and beyond our team covers every aspect of getting your application onto the market.


Whether you have an existing app or a fresh idea, our dev team has you covered.


Need control? We can give it to you with a custom built content management system.


From complete branding to workflow wire frames, we'll flesh out your idea.


Need expertise and a second pair of eyes? Consider our team, your team.


Our team understands the importance of a secure mobile application. Tools such as SSL and App Wrapping assure your content is safe.


Give your customers the ease of purchasing items right from their mobile device, safe and secure.

Why bees? Because bee’s work their a**es off, just like us.

Our Process


Whether you have an idea written on a dirty napkin or a full out business plan, the ON Team can help you evaluate your idea and discuss next steps. This is completely free and we are happy to sign an NDA to keep your idea, hush hush.


Wire framing and functionality is the key to any successful app. We'll take your ideas and flesh them out for your review. Once approved, our design team will get to work to build actual screen shots of your application.


Now it's time to bring in Josh and the dev team to start the building process. We specialize in cross-platform development so one build works across both apple and android devices. A complete development timeline will be provided so you know exactly what we are working on.


We like to avoid poor reviews in the market so we make sure to test the hell out of every app we build. Computerized testing and focus group testing will reveal any major bugs or functionality issues that need to be corrected.


3-2-1... Blast off. Well... not every launch is that easy but our experienced team will deal with the app markets to make sure your app is displayed and available to all devices.


Specializing in cross platform and cross device development gives our clients the ability to dream big and plan for the future. Our capabilities start below but expand across various platforms and languages. From social start-ups and games to high security internal apps, we have you covered.

nec ⋅ tar - noun -
  1. a sugary fluid secreted by plants, esp. within flowers to encourage pollination by insects and other animals. It is collected by bees to make into honey.
  2. (in Greek and Roman mythology) the drink of the gods.

Optic Nectar

We are a full service app development firm with an extreme passion for what we do. Our team consists of young, talented professionals, who are hungry for technology and continue to learn each day. We do not define our company by how big our clients are or how many users our apps have but by the level of quality and sophistication we bring to every project. By serving our clients to the best of our ability, success of the application follows. Meet our Co-Founders:

Dan Graham

Co-founder // COO

Dan Graham

Dan is all business and knows the ins and outs of getting your app to the market. His experience with app monetization and work flow is an integral part to the Optic Nectar team.

Joshua Novak

Co-founder // CTO

Joshua Novak

Josh is the mad genius with a constant hunger to learn more. His approach to cutting edge development and future technologies is the core of the Optic Nectar dev team.

Contact Us

  • Consider our team, your team and ask us any questions you have. Even if you're looking for a good soup recipe, we're sure someone in this office knows one.
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